Dear Members, 

Winter is here and this past week showed us that paradise has a serious side. 

We lost a few trees, a few branches and our course has water everywhere. 

It has been a good time for Plett Country Club in terms of rain. Our fairways are well “watered” and the tees are most certainly happy with the regular rain. 

1. Something to feel good 

I received an email from Peter Neep. I copy a few paragraphs for you: 

The weather is improving here as Summer approaches, and it has been very dry – I have ventured on to the golf course twice – the first effort was bitterly cold vey unlike what I am used to but on Monday this week it was fine and warmer with several guys wearing shorts – not me yet though!! 

Last time I saw you when we bade each other farewell I did suggest that I would write to you regards my experience having been a member of Plett Golf Club for many years initially for the end of year holidays when we visited from Johannesburg where you and I and Christopher my son were all members of Bryanston Country Club and latterly for nine years after having relocated to Plettenberg Bay. 

Prior to my leaving I really wanted to host a get together at the Club attended by the members who over the past nine years have all tolerated me on the course but I’m afraid that the dreaded Covid put paid to that but luckily we were able to continue playing with the course being open but the camaraderie after golf was not, I felt, quite the same as before. So I was unable to say farewell to a number of guys that I have played with over the years which I still feel was a real shame as my time spent at the club and on the course was very special. 

Nico – Plett is a great golf club and you have the honour of being its Captain and I wish everyone of you all the very best for the future – I can assure you that I will miss everything about the club when I venture on to the course here – I shall remember the good times – my hole in one that Dermot always ribbed me about and all the other good times that were had by all of us. 

Plett is a great club with a great course and a great group of members all of whom I really enjoyed playing with so do keep it going that way until we are able to meet again . 

Finally please will you pass on my best wishes to all those who work so hard at the Club including all the staff and the various staff members including the Pro Shop, Half Way House etc and Greg and his team – all the very best to all of them – I miss you all.” 

We wish you well Peter, may the weather keep improving. Until we meet again 


a. Some notables for JUNE: 

i. Windhoek Lager International Pairs(new date) Saturday – 12th June 

ii. Woman’s League – Good Luck Ladies Monday – 7th June @George 

iii. Men’s League – Come on Lads!! Saturday – 5th June @ George 

iv. Par 3 Friday – 18th June 

v. Monthly Medal Saturday – 26th June 

vi. Mixed Golf Sunday – 13th June 

vii. Diaries the CLUB Champs 

1. Ladies Champs 30th / 31st July 

2. Men’s Club Champs 30th July & 1st August 

And a new one as a trial run 

viii. Green-somes Friday fun Friday – 2nd July 

3. TEES 

a. All tees are done. 

b. We expect to have ALL the tees in play by beginning June. 

c. This is not the golden wand. We will be cutting them down in September, and lightly top-dress the tees. As that is the growing season they will be in play immediately. 

d. The light top-dressing is intended as an ongoing project. 

e. Thanks for your patience on this initial blast; we now have a base to improve on. 


a. We have had a lot of rain and have to continue with placing to assist with any possible “mud balls”. 

b. Please ensure that you mark the ball correctly before placing the ball. 

c. Placing will only be ONE CARD LENGTH, no nearer the hole. 

d. We will revert to no placing as soon as the fairways are dry again. 


a. We have tested 2 new rough mowers and will come to a decision on the matter soon. The rough, although growth slowing down now; it still is an ongoing challenge. Our greens staff are at it all the time. 

b. Should you need to identify your ball in the rough: 

i. PLEASE do so with your marker or playing partner present? 

ii. You are playing against the field in all competitions and should adhere to the rules of the game at all times. 

iii. Should you have to identify your ball please ensure that you replace it in EXACTLY the same position as you found it. NO cleaning or altering of the ball condition is allowed off the fairway. 


a. Some of the BLUE stakes are on walk about. 

b. Please treat ALL NEW bowls around trees as RELIEF Area. 

c. Please clear the matter with your marker or playing partners. 

d. Relief is nearest point of relief; NO NEARER the hole. 


a. The OAKs have been trimmed and seem to be doing very well. 

b. It is their winter sleep time now, so we are all very excited to see the green “foliage” in summer. 

c. We are grateful to the PCA for committing to keeping the mulch bowls in a neat and tidy state. 


a. We noticed again that the bunkers have handled the rain very well. 

b. They are getting more even with regular maintenance. 

c. Our SANDPRO is at it and working the sand up to 5cm in depth. 

d. Please note that this is not done daily, so some bunkers may settle in the middle after rains. 


a. Our bins will be back within the week, and should be back on the course by first week of June. 


a. Should you have made bookings with “MEMBERS GUESTS” in your fourball, please give names to the PRO SHOP at least 7 days in advance, or cancel the Booking? 

b. This will give members who have not booked a game the opportunity to get a game. 


a. Just as we got going with Prize Giving’s we had to “push the pause button” on that again. 

b. Members, friends and fellow Plettenbergers; we cannot be careful enough. 

c. We will monitor the situation and will keep you informed of any changes in the protocols. 

d. Thanks to the Pro shop for doing the admin. 


a. Our PRO SHOP is doing really well, and the Team continuously make an effort to assist and advise – Thanks guys. 

b. Please keep an eye on their specials and on their social media pages. 

c. On a high note; Congratulations to COACH Cliff and Garrick Higgo. 

i. Many of you will see Garrick at our Club when he is here to consult his coach. 

ii. Garrick lived in Plett some time back and has been a prodigy of Cliffie for 13 years. 

iii. Garrick is playing in his first major, the US PGA. His dream was to make the cut – which he did too! Well done Team Garrick – we are watching you!! 

11. KNOCK OUTS are back 

a. It has been a bit of a struggle to get the details together, but thanks to Greg and Graham Ebedes, we are happy to open registration for the Knockouts. 

b. You can enter yourself or your team in the Knock-Out at the Pro Shop. Entry is R50 per player or R100 per team. 

c. The rules are attached at the bottom of this e-mail. 


a. Plett Golf Club is not only the club suffering from reduced rounds. The knock on effect is that the Plett Caddies (PCA) get far less carrying opportunities than usual. 

b. The PCA offer a spotter service if you don’t take a caddie, please consider employing at least 1 spotter per 4 ball to assist them through the quiet times. 

c. The advantage of employing a spotter means; 

i. Bunkers are raked that makes for a better experience to the golfers behind you. 

ii. Golf balls are spotted off the fairways, 

iii. pitch-marks repaired, and 

iv. making it easier to keep up with the players in front, so speeding up the game – especially with our limited day-light hours of winter. 

We trust your continued enjoyment at our great club. 

See you out there. 

Nico Westraat 

Please see men’s knock out rules below 

Men’s Individual and Better Ball Matchplay Competitions 2021 

All members enter the 2021/22 knock outs with the spirit of the game in mind!! 

Past experience has indicated difficulty in completing the rounds on time. This delay (at times exceeding 6 weeks) has often resulted in players who were available during the initial prescribed periods not being present in the then “DELAYED” period. 

After much consideration The Golf Captain, the Vice Captain, and the club Manager, have agreed to use the format below in order to finish knock outs prior to the 2022 AGM. 

Graham Ebedes is the co-ordinator. 


1. Entry is open to all fully paid up members with an official handicap from PBCC 

a. You can enter your team or yourself by paying your entry fee in the PRO SHOP. 

b. The entry forms will be held there until June 16th. 

c. Enter your name, mobile phone number and email address on the entrance form found on the notice board (It is imperative to enter all details) 

d. Knock out draws will be put outside the men’s change rooms after by 20 JUNE, 2021. 

e. The entry fee will be R50 per entrant (so R100 for a Betterball pairing) – No PAY, No ENTRY. 

2. By entering, members agree unconditionally to the Rules and Regulations pertaining to the R&A and USGA rules as documented in the players edition of the rules of golf effective 1st January 2019. Rule 3.2 on page 23/24 requires particular attention 

a. R & A Rules will apply. In the event of a dispute, the competition committee’s ruling shall apply. The competition committee shall comprise the captain, the manager, and a professional representative. 

3. 85% of the COURSE HANDICAP on the day applies. 

a. It is a MATCH PLAY situation, so the lowest handicap player goes to zero and other players receive strokes based on handicap differential. 

b. In the Betterball knockout, should the circumstance arise, a player may opt to take on the opponents on his own. Also, prior to a first round match, a drawn partnership is permitted to change, should one partner become unavailable, and the Knock out co-ordinator has been advised thereof. 


5. The members on the top AND bottom of each match ARE responsible: 

a. To email dates when they are available to play in the designated period to the opponent/s AND to copy the Knock Out Coordinator – Graham Ebedes (0832251699) on AND to arrange and secure an agreed tee time to play the match within the prescribed period. 

i. EXAMPLE A: Let’s assume a 30 day period, say, from 1 to JULY, is allotted to complete the round. The player/s on top are available for 14 of the 25 days and the bottom entrants are available for all 30 days. As the bottom entrants are available for more days in the designated period THEY WILL progress to the next round, should the game NOT be played. 

ii. EXAMPLE B: The top players are available from 1 to 7 JULY and 15 to 25 JULY. (17 days) Bottom players are available from 6 JULY to 16 JULY (10 Days) Tee time has been booked on the 6th. It rains on the 6th, players opt NOT to play in the rain and decide on the 7th. Due to inclement weather conditions, the course is closed on the 7th. Entrants failed to secure a tee time for 15th and 16th. The deadline date arrives. Then, according to the Availability Rule the players on top proceed to the next round as they were available for more days. 

iii. EXAMPLE C: Top and bottom players are both only available for 7 days in the prescribed period and cannot find a common date. The coordinator will regrettably have to arrange for a toss of the coin to decide who goes through to the following round. Top entrant/s will call the toss. In the event that only one player can be present he shall call the toss. Should no player be willing to be present, the coordinator will toss in presence of a golf committee member to decide who progresses. 

NO tolerance 

All players agree that there cannot be any deviation from the availability rule, players are advised to e mail availability to each other to avoid any dispute regarding availability 


Well done to Richie Dunn on drawing Justin Thomas in our Pro shop PGA draw!

Grant Thomas second with Will Zalatoris & Daron Smit on Mito Pereira!

Monthly Mug Weekend at our Tennis

GREENSOMES of Friday 27th May