Dear Members, 

You have been advised through various channels that the 59th Annual General Meeting of your club will be held on Thursday 28 October 2021 at the club. All the documentation required can be found on the PBCC website – www.plett -> Club -> Events. The AGM plays a very important role for the operations and governing of your club. In view of this, I would sincerely encourage all members to attend the AGM – this can be done physically at the club premises or virtually through Zoom. For those attending physically at the club, the normal Covid-19 protocols will be enforced and this obviously restricts the number of members who can attend. 

After being a member of the committee for 9 years, I have decided that it is time for some new blood with fresh ideas and enthusiasm to be elected on to the committee. 

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the AGM physically, however, I will be presenting the Chairman’s Report virtually from Bahrain in the Middle East. After nearly 2 years of very restricted travel, South Africa has been removed from the Bahrain “Red” list, and thus we are going to visit our son and family who are currently living in Bahrain. Obviously I regret not being physically present for my final AGM as a member of the Committee, however, I am confident that the members who have family offshore of South Africa will understand and sympathise with my predicament. 

There are a couple of points I would like to mention regarding this years’ AGM. 

Election of Office Bearers 

An important part of the AGM is the election of office bearers for the following year. 

A common feature of a number of clubs around the world are the select few members who are happy to criticise the club, the committee or the Club Manager without offering any solutions and without putting their hand up to volunteer and give some of their time. 

Fortunately, this year for the upcoming AGM, we have a number of members who have put themselves up for nomination on the new committee, and their names will be published shortly. Most of the nominees to-date are very active members of Plett Country Club and a number of them bring committee experience from their former clubs. 

Once the nominations are complete, I would encourage all members to become familiar with the candidates and do your part to vote at the AGM. The persons voted in at the AGM will have the responsibility of running your club for the next 12 months. Thus, you need to ensure that they are the right people for the job, which I can tell you from experience, is rewarding however, it can be reasonably onerous. 

Amendments to the Club Constitution 

Members will recall that at last years’ AGM, there were some issues raised with regard to the use of proxy voting to elect committee members. The Club’s constitution in its current form does not allow for proxy voting when electing its committee members. The constitution is very specific in stating that in the event of there being more candidates than vacancies, the committee members are to be elected by ballot i.e. voting by members physically present at the AGM (Section 6(d)). 

In addition, there is a problem with regard to notice periods in that the deadline for committee nominations is shorter than the notice period for the AGM resulting in it being impossible to advise members of the candidates in time for proxy forms to be compiled and submitted to the club auditors for vote counting. 

This highlighted the situation that many of the club’s members are prejudiced in that they may not be able to cast their vote for the Club’s committee if they cannot be present at an AGM. This has never been a problem in past years; however the committee undertook to address this. 

The constitution in its present form had hardly changed since it was written some 50 years ago and the committee decided that some amendments were required to take into account the huge advances in electronic communications, etc. Innovations such as Zoom, Teams, etc allow us to broaden our approach to accommodate all members. The committee therefore decided to review the constitution in its entirety and to bring it into line with current legislation, communication facilities, etc. 

As mentioned above, a very detailed explanation of the proposed changes to the Constitution have been made available to members on the club website and we would request that you study and understand the reasoning behind these changes. Provided the members are satisfied, we will present the changes in resolution form to members at the AGM. Approval will require the approval of at least two-thirds of the members as contemplated under Section 17(b). 

With regard to these resolutions, members who are unable to attend the AGM can submit their votes via proxy – the proxy forms are available on the club website. We are also making provision for Zoom attendees who have not used the proxy method for voting to vote virtually on Zoom on the night of the AGM. 

We would like to thank Adv. R.D. Levin SC and Mr. Tim Randon, some of our legal experts, for their invaluable input in drafting these changes. 

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM, whether physically in person or virtually through Zoom. 

In Conclusion 

We live in very difficult and unprecedented times which have had an effect on all of us. We have survived 20 months of this pandemic and hopefully with vaccinations and following the Covid-19 protocols, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. 

With South Africa having been taken off the “Red” list for many countries, we are hopeful that our Swallows will return to enjoy our country and the facilities of Plettenberg Bay Country Club. 

In conclusion, I wish all the members and their families, our staff and their families, God speed and health during this difficult time. 


Howard Garmany 

Chairman PBCC 


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Grant Thomas second with Will Zalatoris & Daron Smit on Mito Pereira!

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