Dear Members, 

Spring treatment has come and gone; our course has had plenty of rain, and one thing is for certain, when you see the weavers building nests, Klaas’ Cuckoo calling, and even an Emerald Cuckoo announcing itself; you know, Spring is back at our great Club. 

The tees were hollow-tined after the greens and the plugs left to dry on the tees. These were mowed after drying out to act as first layer of topsoil. 

On with some news: 

A reminder of LADIES Club Champs: 

  • To be played on 18th and 19 October 2021 
  • With this I share a picture (above) sent to me by Craig Fleischer. This is of his mom, Marge Fleischer, on the 15th in 1978. Many years of many wonderful memories at our Great Club:

The Men’s Club Champs were held on 31st July and 1st August 2021; we attach the list of Winners. 

We are having the GOLF AGM on 30th September – official notice has been sent out and put on the website. 

Knock Outs 

First round of Knockouts are as they say, “done and dusted”. 

Graham Ebedes has an ever colourful report to the players and participants – Graham, you are an asset to our Club – Thanks for your commitment and effort. 


2 months ago, we decided to link the PBCPA to this new concept at our Club – we are very excited to get it off the ground. But the weather has not been favourable for us to get this going. We will keep you posted on the next date. 

Par 3 Competition 

Set for Friday 17 September 2021. 

Course News 

Spring Treatment done, and more work going on around the course. 

Our greens are showing growth after just TWO WEEKS. David and team did a great job. We believe we will have the most spectacular greens before the end of September – Thanks guys!! 

** Please note that as in the past the greens-staff are on leave cycle after Spring treatment. 6 of the staff members are currently on leave. We should get through everything, but we remain under pressure. 

Tees have received a fine top-dressing, a sprinkle of kikuyu seeds and some levelling. This will become an ongoing process and will create some seriously great tees for our members and visitors. 

We make mention again that we got caught out by a cold spell in April. We have worked around the clock to recover the tees and our efforts will not stop there. Our tees will be the best they have been by October 2021. 

Our fairways are starting to show signs of spring again. But unfortunately, with that – broadleaf and clover. These will be treated soonest. The pesticide takes best effect when the soil temperature reaches 18 degrees. Our greens staff are monitoring this and will get this under control soonest. 

August rainfall was 114mm. We are grateful for the rains, but we have lost many rounds at our course. We spent some time in recent weeks clearing out some waterways again. The area around the 8th green, 9th tee to 17th green is getting some much-needed attention. With some careful planning we can alleviate the water build up. Please bear with us? 

Small trees are showing off their TLC and even the oaks are coming together. The large OAK seems to be a bit slow; Charles Reitz will give us some feedback on that soonest. 

Thanks to the PCA for their efforts in cleaning around some of our small trees – remember – you get relief from any bowl around any small tree. Not all small trees have blue stakes. 

We are planning a few new pathways, and pathway extensions. Our planning is almost done, paths considered are: 

1. From 5th Tee to fairway, 

2. 13th Tee to fairway, and 

3. Right of garden on 14th to fairway. 

** These will bring minimal disruption and will make a bring value to our playing experience. 

A request from The Captain: 

“Please help with divots. We are seeing some really big divots not filled, and as much as we can assume what the cause is, we ask that you urge the players of our great course to fill their divots.” 

In closing, and on a personal note: 

“My time has come to hand over the Captaincy card, the parking and with that the seat. It has been an honour to serve a game that I love; in a place I love. I am not going anywhere and will still spend many more hours at our great club. Paul Jacobs, vice-captain, is a great supporter of the Club, the course and the game. I wish Paul all the best! 

From me to you, I would like to thank each and every one of you, for trusting me, with your compliments, concerns and even complaints. I answered as honestly as I could. 

I assure you; I hold Plett Golf Club very close to my heart, and will always consider it home” 

Until we meet again, See you out there. 

Nico Westraat 


Well done to Richie Dunn on drawing Justin Thomas in our Pro shop PGA draw!

Grant Thomas second with Will Zalatoris & Daron Smit on Mito Pereira!

Monthly Mug Weekend at our Tennis

GREENSOMES of Friday 27th May