In line with our Strategic and Long Term Plan for our club, it became apparent that a decision needed to be made regarding the maintenance of our course and the club surrounds. Our decision had to be both Strategic and Economically sound. After careful consideration the committee have decided to outsource the maintenance.

Matkovich Golf Course Maintenance (MGCM) has been appointed effective from 1 April 2022.

Currently MGCM maintains 14 golf courses in the country with 2 courses in the Waterberg area, 2 in Pretoria and 3 in Johannesburg as well 7 in KZN. All 14 courses receive a full maintenance service where all the staff members are employed by MGCM.

MGCM will focus primarily on the following areas:


1) Consistently good golfing experience. Throughout the year we would strive to present the golf course as best as possible. With the hot summers and mild winters each season presents itself with challenges but we pride ourselves on providing an aesthetically appealing appearance with the associated detail.

2) Retain pure putting surfaces. It would be our highest priority to maintain the greens in such a way as to promote the bent grass, suppress poa annua and have exceptional putting surfaces year-round.

3) Improved Attention to Detail. This will be achieved by increased productivity and training of the staff.

· Making your greens the best along the garden route
· Tees require realignment and levelling
· De-thatching of the Fairways
· Cleaning the rough of weeds and getting a consistent height of cut
· Maintaining weed free and edged paths
· Levelling low areas at the start and end of the cart paths
· Managing traffic
· Tree pruning
· Developing a nursery

4) Equipment. Through our equipment ownership strategy, we will take away all risk associated to the ownership of equipment; from depreciating assets, escalating maintenance costs and rand dollar exchange rate fluctuations at an extremely competitive rate. This proposal has us increasing the current fleet to handle a two tee start and for us to stay ahead of the field. It also allows the staff the ability to complete their mowing tasks sooner and make them available to concentrate on attention to detail on the golf course.

Additional Benefits of our Services:

1) Staff Productivity.

2) Full payroll and cost management as well as administration. We will take on the full staff compliment and through a process of natural attrition rationalise and adjust the staff compliment as needed.

3) Access to a greater pool of intellectual property.

4) An acute understanding of equipment requirements as we manage a fleet of over 500 pieces.

5) Never needing to replace equipment, pay for unexpected breakdowns or extended downtime due to short supply on parts.

6) Buying Power.

7) The ability to provide construction services

We are very excited and trust that the members will soon benefit from this decision. Should you have any questions please feel free to discuss the matter with Greg or one of the committee members.

Yours sincerely
Barbi May


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Grant Thomas second with Will Zalatoris & Daron Smit on Mito Pereira!

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