The Annual General Meeting of the PCA Members was held on 6th May 2022. This was attended by 20 members plus the PCA Executives and Non-Executives.

The Chairmans Report stressed the great improvement in the numbers of caddies being used and in the appreciation of the Club Committee and Members in both the voluntary work done and in the high standard of discipline and professional attitude of caddies during the year.

There has been a significant increase in caddy rounds. In 2020/21 we had 2862 rounds and now, with 2 months still to go, we have completed 3767 rounds!

The PCA  Board appointed for the forthcoming year comprises:
Non-Executives:   Anthony Tobin (Chairman); Carol Hubert (Treasurer)
Executives: Ernest Cedras, Michael Modiya, Dawid Leonard and Christo Camfer.
The Non-Executives continue to ensure the highest standard of corporate governance.

The Treasury and Accounting operations are managed by the Treasurer. The Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statement for the year ending 30th June 2021 was proposed, seconded and approved.

PCA Covid Protocols
We continue to maintain the highest standards on the covid protocols.

Uplifting of Caddies 
The Club Manager and Ernest Cedras will take charge of the program to emphasize the rules for each hole plus the reading of putting lines.

Spotter & Security Service
PCA Members continue to monitor the course and are still noticing unknown people roaming around. This is a concern, particularly regarding the safety of golfers. The PCA is requesting that a winter special spotter and security service is introduced for recommended fee of only R200 per 4 ball. This will help speed up play as well as giving extra security.

Voluntary Work Programs
This program has performed well with 16 caddies making themselves available. Grass was removed around the 17th tee box and trees were planted in the workshop area. Excess water was cleared between the 17th & 18th tees.

Car Wash Services
This professional cleaning service has been popular and will be continued. Official car wash members have been issued with Car Wash bibs. The Caddy Masters supervises this service.

PCA Finances
Affiliations are being paid for around 10 PCA members. They are not members of Plett CC but can play competitions if sponsored by a member. This facility enables our caddy team to have official handicaps. A donation of R900 was given by the Schul to permanent caddies and caddie masters. This donation is very much appreciated.

If you would like to support the PCA upliftment program, please contact our Treasurer – Carol Hubert (at who will provide you with more detail on the funding needs.

The PCA Bank Account for donations in support of our upliftment program:

Bank: FNB
Branch: Plettenberg Bay 337
Account Name: The Plett Caddy Association
Account Number: 62835445257
Branch Code: 210514

Please quote your Name in the reference so we can identify and thank you for your support and/or use the address for beneficiary notifications.

The Financial Report will be completed in June and handed to the Manager.   


An invitational Caddies competition was discussed and a request to the committee will be issued. The plan would be to invite teams from George, Fancourt and Knysna.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Anthony Tobin
17 May 2022